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Signature Facial Treatment

We offer a wide range of beauty therapies, facial treatments and facial products for women and men. A variety of treatments including skin care, facial, peeling treatments, exfoliating scrubs, and many more.

HydraScience AHD3 Multi-hydrating

Combines overall well-being and deep relaxation with high performance. This supercharged treatment re-activates the skin’s natural hydrating mechanisms by teaching the skin to self-hydrate.

Sensivital Treatment

Your skin is a great asset. If you have sensitive skin, probably you’re dealing with redness, flaking, rashes and so on. Sensivital is the best treatment for sensitive skin. The 90-minute procedure not only soothe your sensitized skin, it also helps to stimulate skin renewal and shields your skin from invaders.

Rebalancing Facial

Customized for all skin types. Beautiful skin is the first signs of well being. This facial is specifically customized to work with the unique qualities of your skin type. Our beauticians will customize your treatment and educate you on achieving a vibrant, balanced complexion.

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